Amanda Mulcahy

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Current & Upcoming Events
Quad City Arts, Rock Island, IL
August 18th, 2023 - October 6th, 2023
opening reception
Friday, August 18th from 6pm - 8pm

Recent Events
Solo show at ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
June 22th, 2023 - July 14th, 2023
opening reception
Friday, June 23rd from 5pm - 8pm

This is Your Allowance
Group show at Positive Space, Chicago, IL
May 6th, 2023 - June 2nd, 2023
opening reception
Saturday, May 6th from 5pm - 8pm

Amanda Mulcahy is a multidisciplinary artist and educator. She is guided by her desire to understand how natural processes unfold, and how our daily lives get embedded into these systems. Inspired by her young children’s drawing and storytelling, Amanda has recently been exploring how we use mark making to make sense of the world around us and to record memories. Her work distills these interactions and playfully translates them into colorful abstractions in painting, collage, and fiber art. She holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She teaches at Evanston Art Center, Lillstreet Art Center, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.