Amanda Mulcahy

Amanda Mulcahy is a Chicago native who thinks of herself as an urban naturalist, collecting and documenting the minutiae of daily life for further studio study. She has been examining the detritus that has been steadily accumulating in her neighborhood, specifically disposable plastics. By suspending single-use materials in her work, this contemporary trash has been transformed into fossil-like pieces reflecting what we will leave behind.

Like most everyone else during this pandemic, she has spent much of her time at home with her children and less time scavenging questionable items from the ground. She has put her own home under the same lens of collecting, capturing, and reimagining the symbols and methods of her 5 year old, and 3 year old children. Her thoughts have begun to grow from what will we leave behind to what will build together?

Current Events
Group show curated by Annie King
180 Projects, Sault Ste. Marie. Ontario
August 20 - September 20, 2021

Opening reception
August 21, 6pm - 9pm

Ravenswood Art Walk
Ravenswood Corridor, Chicago
September 11 - 12, 2021

Pull block prints with me!
at Lillstreet Art Center
Saturday, 10.30am - 2.30pm